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Final Reflection K Wasosky



I feel like I have grown in the realm of virtual learning. Through the readings and my blogs as well as the creation of my module, I have learned a lot more than I knew before I began this journey. I have not tweeted as much as I probably should have, but I definitely have the blogging down and have learned a great deal about how online learning has really grown. I like the blogging about what I have read about or watched on a video. It helps me sort out all of the information. Some of the units we read about, I had to read more than once to try and figure them out. I also really liked that we commented on other students’ blogs. It was great feedback for me and I got so many great ideas from those that commented on mine or the blogs I read. It is always great to get another point of view. I believe that is one of the cornerstones of learning anything.

I believe online learning will continue to grow because technology continues to improve and grow and things that didn’t seem possible, are beginning to become a reality. I know this isn’t the blog about virtual reality, but that really brings a whole world closer to each individual person who engages in learning that way.

I don’t believe that I didn’t meet any of the goals. However, there is always room for improvement. I think the more I explore and take chances in trying different approaches to interact with my students both in the classroom and online the more they will learn and the more comfortable I will become with the technology and become a better teacher for them.

I like the course just the way it is. It is the first of this magnitude, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have to say that I knew basically what to expect each week. At first some of the lesson topics scared me, but after diving in, the information became clearer. Thanks for making this a positive experience. I have enjoyed learning in your online class.