I was sitting at the small table with my Abuelo (grandfather) and little brother and his best friend.  We were talking about school and I told them how I would like to go study abroad in Spain.  My Abuelo looked up at me and said “really?”.  I was like yeah I loved Costa Rica, why not go somewhere new and explore my opportunities.  He was so excited.  He ended up telling me he went to study abroad in Spain in college too.  He said it changed his life forever.  I asked him why he never mentioned it since it had such an impact on him.  He didn’t know that I was interested in traveling so he never brought it up.  But he was telling me how it was his first time on a plane and he didn’t know what to expect.  He ended up almost missing his flight and caught it by running onto the strip.  We were all laughing.  He says he was running in front of it waving his hands and yelling that his luggage and everything was on that plane and they weren’t leaving without him.  He refused to stop even when everyone was yelling for him to move out of the way for safety reasons.  They finally let him on once he explained that all of his belongings were on that plane and he wasn’t leaving till he got his things.  When he got on the plane, he said his friends were impressed saying he was the stuff for making the plane stop for him.  I found out my little brother during this conversation would like to study in Italy.  He doesn’t know where yet but he knows Italy.  He said if he doesn’t go to study he’d still love to go and visit and see what it’s like there.

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