VCU Bike Race Course, Nutrition Lecture 2

I have never played a group sport or been on an athletic team. I have always competed horses in the hunter jumpers, which is more of an individual sport. Although I do not prepare for games, I do prepare for horse shows, which is an all-day event. I really try to monitor my diet and make sure I am at my peak, to perform the way I should. Since it is a daylong event, my nutrition starts the day before. I try to eat a well balanced meal the day before. This includes a lean portion of meat, usually chicken and a large serving of vegetables. In addition to that, I usually consume half my body weight in water the day before to prevent dehydration.

The day of the show, I eat an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast. This is a good mix of carbs and protein to get through the day. Throughout the day I usually eat fruit as well as a granola bar to fight fatigue. For lunch, I typically eat a ham sandwich because it is not too heavy in the heat, but has enough protein and carbs to get me through showing. After the day is done, I eat a large portion of protein, usually a turkey burger without the bun and vegetables. This helps to repair my muscles after they have been exhausted during the day.

With horsemanship, there is a stigma that women should be very thin when riding. For that reason, I have gone days where I try to not eat to maintain a slim figure. I did not get the nutrients I needed and was severely dehydrated. I ended up falling off because I was riding so poorly.

I learned that it is very important to give your body the correct nutrients for it to perform how I want it to. From that day, I have tried to eat a well balanced diet and really prepare before shows.

The FINAL Inquiry Project….dun dun dun

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful last few days of writing. I am adding below my link to turn in my final inquiry project. I did a pretty huge overhaul from my rough draft. My project platform is now from I altered my thesis as well, and supported how the Affordable Care Act will adversely affect our healthcare system. I hope everyone enjoys the project…..I look forward to reading everyone else’s. Have a great rest of your summer!



So, I finished my rough draft but I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I need to add references, and pictures to make it interesting still. I want to add more to my argument and make it more appealing to the eye. But, this is a very rough, basics of my inquiry project.



Medical students will be entering a new world, that many people are unaware of. The Affordable Care Act is changing laws and regulations, making it so that doctors have a higher stress job and in order to pay for the act, doctors will take a hit to the wallet. Medical students need to know about the new regulations because these young adults are accruing a lot of debt to enter a workforce where they may not be able to make as much money as anticipated. Thus, less students will lean towards the medical field because there just will not be as much money in there field, in addition to the increasing levels of stress.

ACA……my persuasion map can be located using this link. The map furthers my arguments.

Screenshot (2)


I think that this topic is very controversial, which makes it hard for me to pick a side. But, I had to pick a side and I think that the negative side of the ACA makes a good argument. It is necessary to understand because so many people are unaware of what the legislation will result in. It definitely will make it harder on doctors in the long run, even though so many more people will have coverage. This topic is difficult because it is easy to not want to see another side of an argument because you are prone to leading toward the argument you believe in, but it is necessary to be open to both sides when researching and reading. The main thing I want to address in this argument is that doctors will have to take a pay cut for all of this to be possible and whether or not it is fair to the doctors.

Concept Experience

Part One

I think that the layout of the article was very well thought out. The article was very easy to read and flowed very well. Media was integrated throughout the article to break up the reading and keep you focused on what you are reading. I think that the evidence for the argument was valid. Everything that was presented for the argument was valid and provided for good support. The problem I had with the article was you never really got an answer or which side the author claimed to be right. The author provided the reader with all the information and left he or she to interpret it as he or she pleases.  Overall, I think that the platform and design provided for the argument was excellent because it kept your focus and made for an interesting read. In addition, the topic was very interesting therefore that could have helped tremendously. It works because it definitely advances the argument. What I took from the article is that in my project it is good to add in things to change it up do you are not reading one long paper. It is good to change the font and size, add in pictures, animations and links. That engages the reader and makes them want to continue to read what you wrote.

Part 2

I believe that WordPress will be my best option for this project. I will be able to create a new site separate from my blogs and create different posts and pages which will engage the reader in what I am trying to argue. In addition, I can put more time into the actual project and developing a strong argument rather than learning how to use a new site.

If the World Began Again, Would Life Exist as We Know It?

In the article, the author makes the claim that if a tape of the world were replayed, evolution may not have resulted the same as it has. As a result, life would exist differently….making this a sub claim.  This would be a claim about cause and effect. The author uses the majority of scholarly sources. They appear to be scientifically based. For example, the author uses the experiment done on reproducing bacteria as proof that evolution results in different ways. Because the sources are scholarly and scientifically based, they are credible sources. The author makes a logical argument because it follows the logical guidelines. Nothing contradicts itself and it is a pretty solid argument. Therefore, there are no logical fallacies. Overall I found the argument to be persuading.

Nugget 5

“Imagine having your own self-contained knowledge manipulator in a portable package the size and shape of an ordinary notebook. Suppose it had enough power to outrace your senses of sight and hearing, enough capacity to store for later retrieval thousands of page-equivalents of reference materials, poems, letters, recipes, records, drawings, animations, musical scores, waveforms, dynamic simulations, and anything else you would like to remember and change.” This nugget intrigued me in many ways.

The words “Imagine having your own self contained knowledge manipulator” predicts the advancements in technology that have allowed us to access it at our fingertips. We now carry around phones, a mini computer essentially, that we can use to manipulate knowledge. The advancements have changed our lives, and have led to the well known argument…we are becoming dependent on technology.

In the days when this article was written, computers were not accessible like they are now. People had to remember information and everything was not as easy as it is now. When one was lost, he or she had to use a map and figure out themselves how to get where they need to go. Now that we have actually accomplished what the nugget predicts, we have become dependent on it and do not know how to function without it. What is interesting to me is how we got here. Did we just get lazy and want to use the new technology rather than remember things? I not so sure that is the answer. Whenever new technology is developed, a craze begins and everyone has to have it. When a new iPhone comes out, all the sudden the one you have suddenly is a piece of junk and you are convinced you need a new one. I guess that is how we became dependent on technology. When a new piece of equipment came out, everyone wanted it because it made life easier. As more and more people got the devices, we became more dependent upon them.

Back to the nugget and how all this relates…this nugget is meaningful to me because we are living in a world where a self-contained knowledge manipulator is the size  of an ordinary notebook. Actually it is smaller and does more than this article ever predicted it could do! We have all the answers we need at our fingertips and it is amazing to me how the process worked of us getting to this point.

Research Proposal

For my inquiry project, I have narrowed in and decided to discuss how the affects of the new Affordable Health Care reform will affect students, specifically those who are choosing to enter the field of health care. This is a very controversial topic right now because it benefits tremendously those who are unable to find coverage from a health care provider, but will probably end up hurting the doctors’ wallets. It is so hard to pick a side on a topic like this because if I were a med school graduate, I would not want to think I went through all those stressful years to come out of school to a drastically cut salary. On the other hand, it is not fair for those people who cannot find coverage because they have bad health and no health care provider wants to take on their risk, or someone is unemployed, or simply cannot afford health insurance.

To support each argument I have found a few sources that I believe will help me out. My first source is located here. It discussed the struggle that pre-med students face now when deciding if they want to pursue this career. In addition, I think it will be useful to me because it tells of very personal stories and will be great examples to use in my project.

My second source can be found here. This is a great source because it specifically talks about all the benefits that will come with the reform for college students. It will be great for the pro side of all my arguments

My third great source is here. This source gives a great break down of the reform, why it is needed, and explains what it will do in the future. In the beginning of my “paper” I want to give a good description of what the bill is and I think this source will be a great resource to help me accomplish that.

My fourth source is located here. I love this source because it give all the pros and cons possible of the health reform. I think the site does a good job of being moderate which can be hard to come by,

My last source that I want to discuss can be found here. This source also does a great job of breaking down and helping one to understand the reform. From my inquiry project, I want everyone to understand exactly what the reform does, and now it will affect us so that is why these sources that break down the reform in simpler terms are so useful.

My goal in this project is grasp a firm understanding of the reform and to convey that to my readers. I want to do that by developing both side of the argument because nothing can be understood from one side.

This week’s work


I started my research this week and was wondering how exactly I should go about it. So, I decided the best place to start would be finding out what this act really was and to get a basic knowledge of it. The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) was legislation passed in 2010, meant to provide health care to all the people who were unable to afford it, or get coverage. If you look at the statistics, about half of Americans are provided health insurance through their current employers. One third of Americans are covered under Medicare or Medicaid. This applies to the poor or elderly citizens who need coverage paid for by the government. The remaining twenty percent of Americans are people who have no health insurance because they cannot find a provider who is willing to take on their medical risk, or they simply cannot afford it. This twenty percent of people is who the new health reform really applies to.

So…now that I know what ACA is I decided that I should look into how this act will help the people who now are required to have health insurance. If someone chooses to not have health insurance, then he or she is faced with a steadily increasing rate each year. This was news to me. I don’t really know how I would feel if I was forced to have health care. Is it a bad thing that our government is forcing us to have health coverage? No, probably not…there are worse things that they could mandate. The issue at hand is that if one do not comply and find coverage, he or she is penalized. It is your own health and many people feel that if one decides that their money could be better spent, they should have the right to do that without being penalized. The percentage of people who think this way is fairly small, but it could possibly be a drawback to the new reform.

From here, I narrowed my search in on how this health care reform will affect college students. Many of us students do not care one bit about how we get our medical coverage because our parents pay for it. Well good news for us!! We can stay on Mommy and Daddy’s insurance until we are twenty-six! This has good and bad sides to it. I am a firm believer in getting out from under your parents, becoming independent and providing for yourself. When I was eighteen I moved out, got my own apartment, and have been paying all my bills since. I go to college and work two jobs to pay for everything, so I am split on this new regulation. On one hand, this encourages young adults to stay under their parents’ care longer than necessary. It does not encourage young adults to get out into the workforce and begin providing for themselves. But on the other hand, I think it is necessary because the rates of unemployment are only increasing. Students come out of college with a nice, expensive degree, ready to hit the workplace, just to get smacked in the face with reality and realize that there are not any jobs for them. They are qualified for the jobs, but there are a surplus of candidates and a shortage of positions. As a result, being able to be on our parents health plan is a sigh of relief. So, just like anything else, this part of the bill has its ups and downs and it is a very argumentative portion.

In addition to being able to be on our parents’ insurance until we are twenty-six, our student health plans are being enhanced as well. Now, services are required to be provided that previously were not. The student health plans are going to be held to the same standards as a private health providers’ would be. This is a huge advantage for us because we are getting better care and do not have to pay that much more for it.

Since many of my friends are going into the medical field, I wanted to look into what this reform means for those students. This is where I was really taken aback. In order to pay for this reform, physicians pay will be deducted, the rich will be heavily taxed and anybody who works in the medical field will be seeing a pay decrease. Is this really fair? I know a lot of people who have gone through med school and how hard they have worked. Some people come out of med school with a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of debt. Not only is it going to be harder for students to pay off their college loans but there is an expected decrease in general physicians because of the pay cut. As a result, the doctors will have to see more patients, which means less time per patient. That will decrease the care that each patient receives. As always, there are two sides to every argument though. The pros to this pay cut for doctors is only the people who are truly passionate about it will pursue the career. This will definitely weed out the individuals who are in it for the money, because it is a long hard road to take on when you are not sure if you can repay the loans. So, since there are less people who might want to go into the medical field, it may mean that more chances for scholarships will come available or be less competitive. In addition if only the people who are truly passionate about the field are in, it will increase the chances for better care.

All in all, during my research I tried to get both sides of each argument and really develop a working knowledge of the pros and cons of the bill. It was definitely not easy and it took some digging but hopefully I did okay!

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