Progress Report/ Reflection Post

So far, everything in this class is going pretty well. I am still figuring out the thought vectors website, as well as rampages, but I am starting to get the hang of it. I have been exploring more into my inquiry proposal subject because after choosing which aspect of YouTube I was going to focus on, I became more interested in the details of it. I have enjoyed reading my classmates’ proposals because everyone seems passionate about what they are exploring, which makes me interested in what they are going to write. I also did not know some of these web related things even existed such as, this post by . This technology is very interesting and I am excited to lean more about it. Another technology I thought was very interesting was explained in this post by . I had no idea this existed, but it makes sense that it should. I am also very excited to learn more about this.


Inquiry Project Proposal #1

For my inquiry project, I have chosen to focus on YouTube and the economic perspective of the YouTube personalities with popular channels who produce a consistent stream of videos and, “vlogs.” I will focus on one YouTube star in particular, Grace Helbig, who has many titles including; actress, comedian, author, talk show host, and YouTube personality. She has done everything from the big screen to laptop screens everywhere. (Really, she’s my idol.)


I want to focus on this web space because recently, YouTube has been growing more and more popular and the people who post their lives in this space are getting recognized. It is predicted that eventually, television will be obsolete, leaving YouTube or Netflix for creating new forms of entertainment, such as regular shows. This being said, many of these popular YouTube personalities make just as much money as someone starring in a television show. For example, YouTube star, Jenna Marbles, is making about 4 million dollars each year from her videos, merchandise, and live performances.

The world needs to realize that YouTube is the future, and we need to pay attention to this growing phenomenon of everyday people providing entertainment to others just by sharing their daily activities with the world of YouTube.

Here is a link to Grace’s YouTube channel.

Here is a link to the main YouTube website.




Integrated Domain Concept Experience

In class on Monday, we formed groups of 3 and did an activity that involved sentences from each person’s blog. Each person in the group would find a common theme among their blog posts and choose which sentences went together to express that theme. My group’s final product is here.

This activity really made me realize how common each one of my blog posts were. I would not look back at my previous posts before posting a new one, so actually having to look back and read through the posts opened my eyes. Everyone in the group also has very similar themes in their posts. We all mention the abundance of technology and how it could impact our society in a huge way.


Engelbart Nugget

A quote from, “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework,” by Douglas Engelbart, was this; “The system we want to improve can thus be visualized as a trained human being together with his artifacts, language, and methodology. The explicit new system we contemplate will involve as artifacts computers, and computer-controlled information-storage, information-handling, and information-display devices.”

This quote essentially means, as a society we want to improve and focus on the abilities of us as humans and the amazing things we can do with our knowledge and skills. However, we imagine a world with many devices that will take away from our ability to do these natural human tasks without the help of outside sources. I feel that this is very true in our society today, and it is amazing how Engelbart predicted this back in the early 1960s. Just like in the other readings we have looked at, this emphasizes the use of technology and how it can really be detrimental to our ability to function without these devices. However, it is inevitable because everyday we are discovering new and improved ways to use technology, really to our advantage, in order to perform simple tasks faster and more efficient.


Smith’s Blog Post was interesting to read because they chose a different quote than me, but the two quotes still had a slight connection with one another. The quote I chose emphasized how much we are eventually going to be relying on technology and machines. In comparison, Smith emphasized on the many advancements we have made in technology, but the major lack of so called, “answers,” to benefit the technology.

Grennan’s Blog Post was also similar to mine, however I do feel that theirs had a more extreme accusation of what is going to happen, in the future, with the relationship between humans and technology. I believe that we will be more reliant on technology, but I think that we will not become powerless and lose all of our innate abilities to function without it.

I really connected with LUONGTS Post because our blog posts were very similar and we discussed the same subject of how incredible it is that we have come so far in technology just in a computer since the 1960s.


Progress Report/ Reflection

So far this class is going well. I am slowly learning my way around the blog world and remembering to post on the due date. However, I still have not figured out all the cool tricks and such with links on the blogs. I enjoy reading my classmates’ blogs because everyone has different views and opinions on the assignments, which opens my eyes to other possibilities that I cannot see myself. I do recognized that the readings and activities go hand in hand, which is helpful. The blog post assignments enable us to really reflect and think about the assigned reading, rather than just reading it and discussing it in class. However, I do enjoy the class discussions about the readings because just reading the article alone makes the information within the reading useless.

Here are some of my classmates’ blogs that I felt were similar to mine:


“Formulated v.s. Formulative” concept activity

Today in class, we did an activity that involved our groups starting with a simple research question that we would already know the answer to. We used the internet to find a reasonable answer, and from there we continued to question the answers of our original question, resulting in an open ended, more elaborate research point. My group chose to research why trees grow and we eventually ended up asking the question, are there other methods to obtain oxygen, without plants?

This activity was helpful in that it helped us think, “outside the box,” when continuing our search for the answer to our original research question. It also made us realize how easy it is to find an abundance of information on so many topics, just by going on the internet. I realized this, and it was a bit shocking at first because I had never really thought about how much I use the internet to find so much information. The activity was really an eye opener, and I enjoyed it.


“Man-Computer Symbiosis” Nugget

One quote from, “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” that really resinated with me was, “It seems likely that the contributions of human operators and equipment will blend together so completely in many operations that it will be difficult to separate them neatly in analysis.” This quote means that the activities we do as humans, today, are going to be performed along with some type of technology or machine in the future.

This sounds impossible, but in reality, this is very likely and I believe that this is going to happen sometime in the future. At the rapid rate we are creating new and better technologies for daily life, we will soon start to rely fully on our machines. Today, almost every person in the U.S. has some type of cell phone, whether it be a smart phone or “old-style” flip phone. This machine has taken away the activity of calling someone on your landline phone in order to talk with them. Now, we have the ability to send a text instead of calling, which takes away the entire voice to voice or face to face interaction with others. This is just the beginning of our heavy reliance on technology, it is just going to increase as time goes on, and we discover new ways to use and improve technology.


Here are some links to my other classmates’ posts about this subject. Both of them had different quotes or passages than me from the text, so I was interested in what they had to say about it.


Associative Trails Connected

After reading  some of my peers’ blogs about their quotes from, “As We May Think,” I made some connections. Both Whitmore and Jayden thought that the advances in technology were beneficial to society. Both also mentioned how fast we have created these new inventions and how fast they have advanced our simple technologies of the past. Jayden focused on the advancement of the camera and the increased capacity of the memory card. On the other hand, Whitmore discussed the great amount of new technologies there are today, as well as how fast we have created them.

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