“Formulated v.s. Formulative” concept activity

Today in class, we did an activity that involved our groups starting with a simple research question that we would already know the answer to. We used the internet to find a reasonable answer, and from there we continued to question the answers of our original question, resulting in an open ended, more elaborate research point. My group chose to research why trees grow and we eventually ended up asking the question, are there other methods to obtain oxygen, without plants?

This activity was helpful in that it helped us think, “outside the box,” when continuing our search for the answer to our original research question. It also made us realize how easy it is to find an abundance of information on so many topics, just by going on the internet. I realized this, and it was a bit shocking at first because I had never really thought about how much I use the internet to find so much information. The activity was really an eye opener, and I enjoyed it.




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