Inquiry Project Proposal #1

For my inquiry project, I have¬†chosen to focus on YouTube and the economic perspective of the YouTube personalities¬†with popular channels who produce a consistent stream of videos and, “vlogs.” I will focus on one YouTube star in particular, Grace Helbig, who has many titles including; actress, comedian, author, talk show host, and YouTube personality. She has done everything from the big screen to laptop screens everywhere. (Really, she’s my idol.)


I want to focus on this web space because recently, YouTube has been growing more and more popular and the people who post their lives in this space are getting recognized. It is predicted that eventually, television will be obsolete, leaving YouTube or Netflix for creating new forms of entertainment, such as regular shows. This being said, many of these popular YouTube personalities make just as much money as someone starring in a television show. For example, YouTube star, Jenna Marbles, is making about 4 million dollars each year from her videos, merchandise, and live performances.

The world needs to realize that YouTube is the future, and we need to pay attention to this growing phenomenon of everyday people providing entertainment to others just by sharing their daily activities with the world of YouTube.

Here is a link to Grace’s YouTube channel.

Here is a link to the main YouTube website.






2 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Proposal #1

  1. I like the way you’re going with this, that Youtube is the future for entertainment purposes. You may also want to check up on how Youtube pays people for videos. There are people out there who make a living off of posting videos to their channels and they could be negatively or positively influenced by a sudden increase in Youtube’s coverage (such as Jenna Marbles, as you said). The other issue that could create much tension if Youtube was to become the new medium is that of Legal and Copyright. May be some interesting research. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Excellent! Precise and interesting. I think the suggestions above are valuable things to consider. Is this really an inquiry of YouTube celebrity, or is it more about the significant increase in online broadcasting over traditional forms of television programming? (It would seem like the former.) Or do these intersect in a precise way that you’re interested in? In any way, I’m excited to see where you take everything.

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