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One passage from, Computer Lib/ Dream Machines by Theodor Nelson, was, “The things people try to do with movies, TV and the more glamorous uses of the computer, whereby it makes pictures on screens—are strange inversions and foldovers of the rest of the mind and heart.” When I read this, it made me really think. It also goes along with my topic for the inquiry paper, which is the economic perspective of YouTube personalities. Nelson, I think, was bringing light to how far society can go with the different things we discover. In relation to my topic, the videos people post on YouTube, Nelson would describe as strange inversions and foldovers of the rest of the mind and heart. I think that by this he means, what people choose to do with the technology we discover reflects their personality and how their mind works.

Another part of the reading that struck me was, “Media have evolved from simpler forms, and convey the background ideas of our time, as well as the fads. Media today focus the impressions and ideas that in previous eras were conveyed by rituals, public gatherings, decrees, parades, behavior in public, mummer’ troupes . . . but actually every culture is a world of images.” This made me think of the “now trending” news segments that are on the YouTube main feed. Nelson has made a point in saying that the news has evolved and now includes more than just political or economic topics. We have also expanded on how we can view recent news stories by making them available online or on special apps, instead of just on TV or the radio.


I really liked  ‘s perspective on the text and how it somewhat pertained to her topic. Although it did not directly link to what she chose to write about, the segment she chose can be applied to really pretty much anything in the technology world.

I also liked The Kaur Blog’s perspective on the text, even though it does not pertain to my topic or theirs. When I read the segment they chose, I felt very similarly to how they felt about it.

This post also is not related to my topic, but it made me think. I like how they chose the keyboard as something we have just gotten used to and how the way it is now is just fine for us, since it seems to have been working for us for some time now.




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