Kay/Goldberg Nugget Post

One part from the article, “Personal Dynamic Media,” by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, was, “For most of recorded history, the interactions of humans with their media have been primarily non conversational and passive in the sense that marks on paper, paint on walls, even “motion” pictures and television, do not change in response to the viewer’s wishes.” This also ties into my topic for the inquiry project.

I think this statement is essentially saying, in the past technology has not been changed to please those who are using it, and the so called, “viewers,” did not have much say in how it worked. However, this has since changed because there is more viewer participation and input than there ever has been before. Different types of technology mediums are including the suggestions and opinions of the people who are using that product, by reaching out to those who use them and asking what they could do better. For example, YouTube filters what shows up on what the user sees as the home page based on their watched video history. This helps the viewer expand their video watching habits by clicking on the very conveniently placed videos in front of them.




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