Progress Report

Things have been going pretty good so far, in my opinion. I have not been keeping up with the blogs like I want to, I have been creating them a day or more later than the due date, so that’s not good. However, other than that I feel confident about everything else happening in the class. Now that we are at the midterm, going into the final half of the semester, I feel the pace picking up just a bit, not too bad. I am getting more excited to research more on my topic and share what I find with everyone else.

I am not quite sure what the incubator classroom is, but I am going to guess that it is when we separate into smaller groups and discuss whatever the topic is. If it is that, I like it because it is less intimidating to share my ideas since it is only a few other people, and not the entire class. I also think it helps us generate more ideas about the topic, since everyone has a different opinion about things.




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