Source Nugget 1

I have found many scholarly sources that are going to be helpful in this research process. The first source is, VlogSense:Conversational Behavior and Social Attention in YouTube, by Joan- Issac Biel and Daniel Gatica- Perez.

One nugget I have picked out of this source is, “Today, vlogs constitute a communication genre that promotes high participation, critique, and discussion, and therefore are not only used for life documentary or daily interaction, but also for e-learning, entertainment, marketing, and corporate communication, where a more social (even personal) way of reaching the audience is either necessary or beneficial [Burgess and Green 2009; Strangelove 2010; Vonderau 2010].” This segment really just gives a brief overview of what a vlog essentially is and what it can do. I like this explanation of what a vlog is because it makes it seem like the amazing piece of work it really is.




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