Source Nugget 3

The final source that is going to help me through this research process is, On the Dynamics of Social Media Popularity: A YouTube Case Study, by Flavio Figueiredo, Jussara M. Almeida, Marcos André Gonçalves, and Fabrício Benvenuto.

The nugget I found from this source is,”We found that copyright protected (YouTomb) videos tend to get most of their views much earlier in their lifespans, followed by Top videos, and then videos in the Random dataset. We also found that Top videos tend to experience significant popularity bursts, receiving a large fraction of their views on a single day (or week).” This was the conclusion of the paper, but I chose this segment because it gave an overall recap of what the study found, which shows how the data interacts with the nature of the study. This source was more mathematical than the other two since most of the studies used an algorithm of some sort to find an estimated answer. However, I found this source to be a bit more difficult to follow but it gave me good insight on how a video can become popular so fast on YouTube, which is helpful in this research project.




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