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After reading ¬†some of my peers’ blogs about their quotes from, “As We May Think,” I made some connections. Both Whitmore and Jayden thought that the advances in technology were beneficial to society. Both also mentioned how fast we have created these new inventions and how fast they have advanced our simple technologies of the past. Jayden focused on the advancement of the camera and the increased capacity of the memory card. On the other hand, Whitmore discussed the great amount of new technologies there are today, as well as how fast we have created them.


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The article, “As We May Think,” by Vannevar Bush was an interesting one. I was intrigued as well as shocked by some of the quotes and messages he published from back in the mid 1940s. One section that really stuck out for me was, “Science has provided the swiftest communication between individuals; it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual.” This basically means that new technologies and inventions has made connection between people in society easier and faster than before. New technology has also allowed society to improve upon its accessibility and function, usually by consumer feedback and new discoveries.

I believe this is very true in our world today because we have made so many technological advances in a very short amount of time. Just over 40 years ago, we did not have mobile phones, and today we have mobile phones that can do pretty much anything a computer can do and more. Over those 40 years, we were able to make the mobile phone technology better and more accessible my manipulating the features to offered. These advancements affected the vast majority of society because it became common to have a mobile phone. Going back to the quote by Bush, the manipulations we made to that technology did not only affect just one person, it affected society as a whole. cell phones

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