Interpreting My Dream

So, like I said in my “Texting my dream” post, for my inquiry project I have chosen to focus on the economic perspective of the people who have popular channels on Youtube, formally known as, YouTube personalities. I have chosen to focus more on the YouTuber, Grace Helbig, because she has accomplished many things in her time(about 5 years)on the internet. Not to mention, she briefly had a television show on the E! Network, along with her popular channel on YouTube. She does more than just make videos on YouTube, she is also a New York Times best seller for her book, Grace’s Guide: The Art Of Pretending to Be a Grown-up, and also has her own podcast,¬†Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, which features stars of YouTube as well as television.

Just this year, I discovered the YouTube vlogging/ Youtuber world that essentially makes YouTube what it is today. Before, I had somewhat of an idea of people posting their lives on YouTube for everyone to see, but I thought it was necessary and uninteresting. I would check out a few people’s videos every once in a while because I thought they were funny, such as Jenna Marbles. However, I have since realized that these popular YouTube personalities are actually planning to take over the world very talented in what they do, and are getting paid about¬†1 million dollars a year. There are too many famous YouTube personalities to count, but some of my favorites are; Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart. I want to explore how the income and fame of these YouTube personalities compare to that of actors on popular television shows.

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