In search of the “perfect” thinker…

As I was seemingly scrolling down the thoughtvectors website, I encountered a few blogs that caught my attention but not as the “How she thinks” blog completely captured me as a whole. The great thing about the thought vectors website is that people feel free to express their ideas without limit. “How she thinks” was an interesting blog because a lot of ideas were written out in a way many of us are able to relate to. One of these blogs was titled “What it’s like to be in my head.” This post was clever because the author chose to include a reference we all are mostly familiar with: Spongebob. ¬†I realize this blogger may not appeal to everyone but to me it really broke down a lot of seemingly complex ideas and thoughts into simpler and ¬†humoristic ones. Throughout my time spent visiting the “How she thinks” blog, it made me think of how a single question can be interpreted so many different ways and the variety of ways to also answer that single question. It made me remember of “thinking outside the box.” This blog was also very inspiring, and by this I mean it made me want to think of all the little things that we sometimes dismiss as trivial, or all the questions asked on a daily that we dismiss as being “stupid.” Although, I spent about 20-30 minutes on the blog it put a lot of these thoughts into perspective for me.

“How She Thinks” blog

2 thoughts on “In search of the “perfect” thinker…

  1. Can you try to put a link to the “How She Thinks” blog in your post. (See — embed hyperlink tutorial). I am not familiar with this blog.

    What posts did you read besides “how if feels to be inside my head” (that title makes me want to read this blog!)?

    • I put up a link of the “How She Thinks” blog on my original post –My apologies, I forgot to the first time around!

      I also read “My eyes are brown” and “Focus, focus, focus” I found her blog by going to “All blogs” and then “list of blogs” and she is #54 on the list.

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