“Knock , knock…”

LG: So guess what?

CG: What?

LG: I have an assignment that deals with describing how I live online.

CG: Sounds interesting! I’ll catch you later so you can get to it!

The online world is a very different one from the physical world. I live in both everyday. My online house is the internet and it is here where most of my daily activities come to play.  Most of my time is spent on Snapchat and the Instagram world, though, I never do neglect Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

I enjoy Snapchat because everyone does their own “thing.” There’s a “section” of Snapchat where you get to take selfies and send them to your friends, you are able to capture moments — some of these may simply be walking down the street with Starbucks in hand but being in awe of the amazing buildings and cathedrals around you, you simply have to have to snapchat. (Guilty of that one). There’s also a “section” dedicated to stories you and your friends are able to share with your followers. This would happen to be one of my personal favorites because I like to capture moments and funny remarks and places and I love going back to the Snapchat app and replaying it for myself. When I have a good Snapchat story I feel sort of accomplished because I know for a fact my day has had some excitement in it. Aside from my stories and my snaps (selfies and regular photos sent to friends) I also like being in the loop of what my friends are up to and what their idea of fun is.

Not all is fun and games on social media though, sometimes you start stressing out and freaking out because you might’ve just sent a really embarrassing snapshot of a funny face to your best friend but instead of sending it to that one person your thumb decided to click your crushes name and sends it to him too. And whoops! Sorry, Snapchat does not offer take backs of any kind. So then you’re sitting in your room thinking this is one of the many reasons you should never login to the Snapchat app ever again, but then suddenly someone sends you a snap and your sucked into the world of snaps once more. Tragic isn’t it?







One thought on ““Knock , knock…”

  1. Snapchat does not offer take backs of any kind.

    Interesting concept. I wonder about the underlying values of this kind of ethos: no take backs.
    How is this like “life?” How does knowing this inform your use of snapchat?

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