Associative Trail #1


2. Electronic Privacy Information Center:

3. Government Surveillance:

4.  Espionage:

5.  Counterintelligence:

6. Law Enforcement Organization:

7. Neigborhood Watch Groups:

8. Vandalism:

9. Age of Enlightenment:

10. Science:

I started with the Snapchat app because I spend a lot of free time taking selfies and posting a series of videos and just browsing the app altogether. When I googled the Snapchat app I clicked on the wikipedia website and it had a lot of interesting links that you don’t associate with just hearing the word “Snapchat.” The one that stuck out to me the most was the Electronic Privacy Information Center, so I clicked on the link and it redirected me to another page where the links were even more interesting than the first time. I ended up clicking on links such as government surveillance, espionage, counterintelligence until I clicked on the Law Enforcement Organization, which is interesting because my clicks led me to something I’m interested in, being a Criminal Justice major. After these links I came across the Age of Enlightenment and I found it interesting to click on the link because I wanted to connect how this era somehow tied to the link I had before which was of Vandalism. My last link ended me in Science and I like it because it related to the reading and research we have been doing up to this point. I think it was a good ending to the link searching. I think that throughout the process both the “machine” and I were guiding each other in the sense that the computer allowed me to read different links but I was making the decisions on where to go and what to read.

6 thoughts on “Associative Trail #1

  1. All these associative trails are really similar as mine. I was more focusing on the internet security because i think its a big problem in modern century. I think it’s interesting that you ends up on science. Because of science, there is snapchat.

  2. I think your trail really suits who you are. You started out with an app you use fairly often and then continued to go to sites that lead to what you plan to have a career in. In a way it is similar to my trail as it started with social media and then ended with my future career.

  3. You started off with Snapchat which later led to topics about privacy and then to Criminal Justice. This demonstrates how your likes interconnect with other topics. For mine, I went from digital media to a topic about history. Although, I am a biology major, I have a passion for history so majority of my links were history related.

  4. This activity of browsing Wikipedia really got me thinking about who writes these articles. I would never think there’s an article about vandalism. It seems so straightforward, but it just amazes me someone took the time to research and write about it.

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