Ted Nelson at Midterm

“Computers offer us the first real chance to let the human mind grow to its full potential, as it cannot within the stifling and insulting setting of existing school systems.”

This quote by Ted Nelson overall states what he thinks of online classes. He mostly thinks that regular classroom settings are not giving students an opportunity to thrive. As technology is growing it is important to keep up with it and online classes take a step forward in this. ¬†With the use of technology, such as computers, the mind multi tasks all the time,thus enhancing our learning experience, we are almost always doing many things at once, whether it is researching some topic for English class while browsing flashcards for art history, you’re inevitably taking more than one topic and/or information.

Personally, I think my online experience has been okay, it’s been satisfactory to some degree but sometimes I am confused as to what is expected because that person to person (student to teacher) interaction doesn’t exist in an online setting. Although online classes provide commodity I can’t think that we will move away from classroom settings completely, and this is because for one, they are necessary to get that whole education experience of going to school and meeting with your teachers.

Ted Nelson believes in innovative, interacting and challenging education which is a very good outlook on what it should be. I think that education should also focus on real world and life experiences that children will someday face. Many of the times it feels as though we go to school, memorize notes just to take a test and after that, it all is forgotten, and that is not how it should be. So I agree that education should be more enjoyable.

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  1. I really like the quote you chose to work with. It has a lot of meaning behind it, and you did a really good job with describing its meaning and relating it to your personal opinion.

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