Cornification- Chapter Seven: The Meal

Fast Food



-No matter where we eat, industrial meals are all around us, even if we prepare the meals
-salads and veggie burgers at fast food restaurants: “denying the denier”
-the hallmark of the industrial food chain: breaks the family down into various demographics and markets separately to each family member,
– 19% of American meals are eaten in cars
– most fast food can be eaten with one hand
-2003 lawsuit against McDonald’s defamed McNuggets, the judge called nuggets a “McFrankensteinian creation of various elements not utilized by the home cook”, use to contain more calories and fat than a cheeseburger
-McDonald’s changed the chicken to white meal and handed out a “full serving of nutritional facts”
-kids don’t connect nuggets to chicken
-out of 38 ingredients, 13 come from corn for nuggets
-one chemical is directly linked as a carcinogen

-TBHQ- lighter fluid, used to keep “freshness” in nuggets. 1 gram can cause nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, sense of suffocation and collapse, 5 grams can kill.

– eating the burger, Pollen still felt disconnected from the cow, most likely burned out old dairy cows

-McDonalds nutrition guide is very vague saying it comes from McDonimpalds instead of the where the ingredients actually came from

-it’s impossible to know how much corn is used to know how much corn is used to make a McDonald’s meal

-60 items listed on the McDonalds flyer, 45 contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

-soda 100% corn, milkshake 78%, salad dressing 65%, chicken nuggets 56%, cheeseburger 52%, French fries 23%

-even though corn products are cheap, the price comes later with obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease

-every step up the chain reduces the amount of food energy lost in the making of food

-he says people eat fast food quickly to try and get that comfort food feeling that fast food created in the fast food feeling

The point that bothered me the most (although this whole section grossed me out and McDonald’s is generally known as bad for you) was the TBHQ lighter fluid ingredient. How is this acceptable food for humans to ingest? Why is there not more regulation of ingredients?


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