Medium and Messages Nugget

“Every message is, in one sense or another, a simulation of some idea. It may be representational or abstract.”(“Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, ‚ÄúPersonal Dynamic Media”)
This is an interesting statement that the author made. Based on this idea, a message can be sent from one person to another that represent what they are thinking. The problem that I see here is how clearly that message can be sent. Using medium like computers to send these messages, human communication has evolved to an incredible level. Even though this is true, is it the best human being can do? The better the medium, the more we evolve. With that said, can there be a medium even better than computers? If we could read and record every thought in a person exactly, we would then have the perfect medium. Symbols from writing and pictures only represent our thought but they may not be able to express exactly how we feel. Describing a feeling or an image is very difficult. How can a person describe it so clearly that no matter who they talk to, that person can draw the same exact image. It just seems impossible but if we could do it, that would be our limit. Our limit is to basically be able to read minds and understand it to at least the same level as the person sending the message. That should be the limit but then I start wondering, can it go even further? If human being truly evolves from medium, then the perfect medium should complete the perfect evolution. My question is, what’s next?

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