Metamedium: The Possibilities

This concept experience will explore some of my past posts and how I unconventionally used the internet. I could have chosen any posts but the concept experiences were the only one that I really used the internet in an unexpected way. For example, in my first concept experience, I used the internet in combination with my own mind. The idea of this assignment was to follow links and see where my thoughts can take me. I did not exactly click on links but used my mind’s ability known as association. From one search, my mind associated the words and the reading to another search and I continued to create my own trail of thoughts from there. It’s normal for people to search using the internet but searching for the intent of more searches through association is slightly different. Most people search for the answer they need and they’re done but this assignment was to search for as long as we feel like (at least 30 min).

The next concept experience is much more unique in how I used the internet. The point of this concept experience is to find an answer to a simple question. Let me tell you, it was definitely not simple. The idea is to have a simple statement like “a banana is yellow” and answer the question of why. The difficulty lies in asking the next question. The closer I got to the answer the more difficult it became. This concept experience used the internet like how it normally is used, to answer questions. The difference here is when we asked the next question. The internet cannot ask the next question for us, we have to. The internet does, however, guide us to the next question with answers to our previous questions. Searching in Google is a little weird. If you ask a question, it finds the question, not the answer (I was lucky, and some questions led me to the answer but others did not). To find the answer to some of my questions, I had to rephrase many of them into something more like a statement. I won’t go to more detail on that because it is difficult to explain how my thought process worked when I did it. It was mostly just through trials and errors.

The last concept experience was the hardest and most interestingly done. My assignment was to take a sentence or two from the posts of my classmates, my readings, and myself to form one big post that has to make sense in some way. This was a very difficult concept experience. The way I did it was making use of Word Doc. I copied each sentence and just simply placed them in random order on a Word page. I looked at them and thought of any order of meaning I could set them in. I proceeded to order them and this took a very long time. There was a lot of changes made until the final product but I believe my work came out pretty well. Instead of using Word to do my assignment, I used it to collect and organize my thoughts. I did use it to save information but that’s how everyone uses it so no one want to hear about that.

I noticed that the ways that I used the internet uniquely is more through a combination of my own thoughts and the medium itself. The way I used the medium influenced my thoughts and vice versa. I guess this is normally how one is supposed to use a medium. Once in a while, I feel like the internet just drags me somewhere without me having much thoughts or control. An example is when I watch videos on YouTube. I am not sure why but sometimes, I click on some weird videos which lead to more “exclusive” videos. As to what kind of videos, I’ll keep that to myself.

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  1. October 19, 2015 at 2:32 am

    It’s interesting and funny you said the internet drags you places without thoughts or control because that is what the associate trails concept experience was for. Also that you said your internet use is a combination of your thoughts and the medium, but the internet takes control. so weird, but definitely happens to the best of us

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