Finalizing My Dream

The past week has been horrible for me. I caught a nasty cold and just ended up in bed most of the time. My cold has gotten better so I am finally back and will now catch back up with the class, eventually.

The mapping my dream assignment really helped me get a few ideas for my inquiry project. My project is about Identity through media. Thanks to my peers’ help in clarifying my frameworks, I am now able to connect them with my project. The frameworks of symbiosis, personalization, and associative trails gives me a few idea of research I want to check out for my project. I feel like the benefit and problem of identity through media is related to these frameworks. The personalization of technology had made it’s access easier for people and the push for symbiosis may or may not have created an obsession with technology in people’s lives. Associative trails of different posts from different people may also have a connection to identity based on what trail a person creates. These are all speculation but it gives me a start point of research.

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  1. November 4, 2015 at 1:27 am

    It sucks to catch a cold, and I know exactly what are you talking about. I hope that you can catch up soon, and it looks like you have already decided the direction you’re gonna take for your inquiry project, I hope that you feel fully recovered soon! 🙂

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