X Marks the Thought: Revision and Reflection

After looking at my fellow colleges’ works, I am more confident that my post was done correctly. Though I am confident in my post, I still revised some of the contents. As for what kind of revision, I will talk about them when I get to the post that influenced the revision. I looked at two posts from my class and two posts from fellow colleges in another UNIV 200 class with this similar assignment. Every post that I will mention have chosen the exact same three dreamers as me. Let’s start with the posts from my class.

The first post I looked at from my class belonged to Lia Niebauer. Three of Lia’s ideas are very similar to mine: expanding memory, making knowledge more accessible, and human solving problems. Memory is a pretty obvious subject in my post but “making knowledge more accessible” and “human solving problems” may seem a little more hidden. Lia’s post is the reason why I revised the definition of personalization and augmenting human intellect. Before the revision, I stated that personalization was another way of saying individualism and how that means everyone can use it in their own way. This is not a good definition for “making knowledge more accessible” which was the original concept I had inĀ  mind for personalization. I felt that Lia defined it better so I changed the definition. As for augmenting human intellect, I defined it as basically enhancing a person’s mind through the use of the medium. This is the correct definition, however, I had forgotten the purpose of why we should augment the human mind. The reason is exactly as Lia mentioned, to “solve problems”. It is a simple reason that I have completely neglected to put in.

The second post from my class is from Liam Kearney. His post is a little bit different. He didn’t use too much quotes but instead describes the general relationship between the readings through quick summary of the readings’ topics. His post was quicker and less technical so it is much easier to understand. I agree with his statement that regardless of which readers we choose, there is always a relation because they all talk about technology. Liam also talked about the ideas of memory, advancing the human race, and enhancing the mind. Though his post seems to be easier to understand, I don’t believe it sparks any idea of change for my post.

From the other classes:

Kenna Whitemore’s post is the first post that I found in the other classes. I have no idea which class this is because I just searched “Mapping” on the thought vector homepage but I’m sure that information will not be necessary, right? Anyway, lets get back to this post. In her post, it seems that Kenna had already revised her work. I tried to find a previous post on this assignment but there was none. I assumed that her assignment is actually the link to a word doc she provided. I opened the document and it is a very organized table of frameworks that connect the three dreamers. To be honest, I actually don’t like how the other class did things. There seems to be many post of people actually mapping/drawing lines of ideas and connecting them to dreamers which I assume is how the assignment was supposed to be done. I feel like it’s harder to understand from just looking at a diagram rather than a post that explains each frameworks and connect the ideas through words. Then again, maybe this is better for people who favor diagrams over words which I sometime prefers depending on the type of information.

The last post I looked at was from someone called Luong. In this post, Luong has three frameworks rather than the required 5 in my class. The frameworks are access to information, ease of use, and seeing into the future. Access to information and ease of use is similar to my idea of personalization. I have revised my personalization definition to include both of those things. The connection of seeing into the future is very interesting. I did not think about it because I guess it was too obvious? It was so obvious that it crossed my mind. Each of these dreamers had ideas way ahead of their times and I just can’t believe I did not think of that as a connection. I already got more than enough frameworks so I won’t be adding anything to do with the future on there too. I wonder if I should take anything out? Nah, seven is a lucky number after all.


Each of these student seems to not really give a reason as to why they choose their three dreamers. I had already mentioned it in my post before and my reason is very simple; the three dreamers directly relate to one another. Engelbart used Bush’s quotes in his reading and Kay’s and Goldberg’s Dynabook is pretty much the memex (Bush’s idea) in a physical form. Kay and Goldberg even had augmenting human intellect in their reading as well. It was not directly stated but they mentioned how a metamedium is basically capable of enhancing mankind’s evolution.


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  1. November 3, 2015 at 1:54 am

    Just a few quick statement: For one, I always get excited being in others’ posts! Second, you did a great job writing this and relating it back to the other blogs! And three, your title is Brilliant!

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