Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 1, Audience

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“The imagined audience defines the social context”.

This quote is from “It’s complicated: the social lives of networked teens” by danah boyd, 1977. The author writes her name in all lower case therefore, I will respect her choice and do the same.

It is impossible for any individual to be able to address all audiences. There are too many different type of people in this world. This quote is talking about how teens online choose to display themselves base on their imagined audience. What teens put online on their Facebook or MySpace profile are normally meant for close friends and family, however, colleges or any other person can also find this profile which can be bad or good base on the content. Mix messages and collapse in identity is a major danger when posting anything online.

If I take what I learned in this reading and apply it to this post, what can I find? My imagined audience is my colleagues and professor. What I tend to forget is that my posts are public, meaning, anyone can read them. If I were to focus on a different audience, maybe I would make my post more entertaining with lots of pictures and it may not be as academically focused but that will definitely alienate other groups of people and will not fit my focus for this post.

What I am focused on in this post is my assignment but if I were to try and create an identity, there is much more risks. Contradicting statements or responses can ruin the social life I had worked so hard to build. Destruction comes easier than creation.

All this concept is a little different for me because even though I have a Facebook account, I do not use it often. I am a person that’s less social than most but I do have close friends and family that I prioritize and maintain connection with. With that in mind, I can see the difficulties in leading a double life, especially that of a gangster and an honor student.

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