Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 3, Spatial Self

“Much like many other online identity practices on social networks, the spatial self is based on a highly curated depiction of the individual.”

(Schwartz, Raz, and Germaine R Halegoua. “The Spatial Self: Location-based Identity Performance on Social Media.” 17.10 (2015): 1643-660. Web. (Warning: Link may require a VCU account))

The spatial self is basically how a person choose to represent him/herself. What this nugget points out is that the spatial self is curated or in other word, controlled. People control what other perceives of them. This is actually pretty interesting because this implies that perceptions is not controlled by the individual but by others.

I agree with the idea that people can control other people’s reaction but controlling perception is impossible. For example: Crying or laughing is sometime misinterpreted. There is even the concept of tears of joy. A person can control another person’s reaction but whether they understand it as being a sad or happy occasion can vary from people to people. When I say controlling reaction, I meant being able to create or change a reaction. Inducing a specific reaction from everyone is possible but not likely (except for reflexes). If a reaction is perceived as negative, depending on what caused this reaction, stopping the action will usually stop/change the reaction which can be easily done, just stop it! STOP READING!

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