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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 3, Spatial Self

“Much like many other online identity practices on social networks, the spatial self is based on a highly curated depiction of the individual.” (Schwartz, Raz, and Germaine R Halegoua. “The Spatial Self: Location-based Identity Performance on Social Media.” 17.10 (2015): 1643-660. Web. (Warning: Link may require a VCU account)) The spatial self is basically how…

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Inquiry Nugget Series: Ep 2, Intimacy

I don’t want to end the semester with my series unfinished so I will do just that, finish them. “Moon (2000) found that people showed more resistance to giving out emotive information about themselves to a computer compared to less emotional content” (Jordán-Conde, Zayira, Mennecke, Brian, and Townsend, Anthony. “Late Adolescent Identity Definition and Intimate…

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Medium and Messages Nugget

“Every message is, in one sense or another, a simulation of some idea. It may be representational or abstract.”(“Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media”) This is an interesting statement that the author made. Based on this idea, a message can be sent from one person to another that represent what they are thinking.…

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A Little Extra Spicy Nugget

“THE TECHNICALITIES MATTER A LOT, BUT THE UNIFYING VISION MATTERS MORE.” (Ted Nelson, Computer Lib / Dream Machines) Unlike my last nugget, I will try to keep this one short and simple while still trying to add meaning. Notice how the author mentions “unifying vision”. No single person can change the world. One man may…

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