Presenting my Dream

As far as the next tens years go, the threat of tracking is going to be more relevant. The capabilities and technology are only going to improve at a faster rate and before we know it everyone will be out of touch. People will lose that connection to their technology and be oblivious to its […] Read More

nuggeting sources

U of M hackers can track phones –          In order for cell phone service providers to provide the best service they need to loosely track all their cell phones regionally between surrounding cell phone towers this is because when a call is addressed to a number in order to quickly connect the lines they need […] Read More

Nuggeting sources

PROPUBLICA –          “By the New York Times’ count [3], cellphone companies responded to 1.3 million demands for subscribers’ information last year from law enforcement” –          “when seeking location information, law enforcement agencies frequently ask for “tower dumps,” which list every phone in range of a cell tower at a particular time.” –          There is not […] Read More

Reflecting on this week

This week I formed two different arguments for the the ability of the government to the track your phone. The civil liberties evidence showed how exploitative it can be and the Klayman evidence showed how far back and how much they can store about people. With this I can start to form the organization of […] Read More

Connecting nuggets

LOCATION TRACKING ACLU –          Your cellphone location is recorded every few minutes despite usage, as long as it is turned on. These location records are stored by phone companies –          The laws on privacy are not yet up to date with the advances in technology therefore leaving a lot of loop holes for the government […] Read More

Nuggeting sources

KLAY V NSA –          Describes the action of the NSA taking bulk telephony metadata and storing it. –          NSA claims the data taken is random and indiscriminate which makes it constitutional, and claims the need for this data to defend the nation –          Klayman and defendants claim that this is a breach of their 4th […] Read More

Finalizing my dream

For my research I will look into the part of the internet that stands for social justices. I will use this information to help me form an opinion on the governmental use of tracking capabilities under the patriot act. I will use the dreamers to analyze how to the internet would be formed and in […] Read More

Presenting my Dream

Edward Snowden was the first to expose the secret activity of the NSA, because of this he had to leave the United States for his safety from the government. He jeopardized his freedom to inform the nation of the injustices. My research question is about whether people are aware of what rights they could be […] Read More

Blog Beautification

When I originally created my blog it was very basic. The progress began when I added a new theme. This introduced me to menus. I made three menus for the three semesters of English I have used this blog for; Univ 111, 112 and 200. Under these menus are pages that include my major writing […] Read More

IP project proposal #1

At first the interest that lured me into my current topic, was the idea that our phones kept track of our locations in so many different ways. The idea that no one could ever go off the grid again worried me. After reading 1984 and The Circle, I wondered how soon it would be until someone started […] Read More