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My previous post discussing the excerpt I chose from the article, my nugget, was on the subject of telepathy. I questioned why Bush was able to predict so many advances in technology accurately, with the exception of one. Well I had not done my research, and quickly discovered that we are on the verge of telepathy. In 2014 an experiment was done to prove that direct brain to brain translation is possible. A message was taken non-invasively from a brain thinking of the words “hola” and “ciao”; this information was emailed to a person in France and was decoded into flashes of light which could be interpreted by the brain to mean “hola” and “ciao”.

Although Bush only mentioned this concept as a suggestion, or a shot into the dark, it looks like the wheels are finally turning. Who knows how many years it will take for scientists to harness this technology, and then years upon that to actually implement it into a daily instrument. Until then we are stuck using old fashioned mechanical forms of communication.

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4 thoughts on “Associative Trails

  1. After reading the article i didn’t even realize he brought that up. I had no idea people were in the process of doing that. Its insane that people are actually making this believed to be “impossible” happen with science. If they can follow through with this successfully who knows hat can happen next.

  2. Thats a pretty good assumption. 50 years ago people would have never predicted how important the internet would be to us. I too believe that we will soon have the ability to telepathically send messages. Its only a matter of time

  3. After reading this article, I also didn’t realize that Busch had brought that up. I think it’s amazing how scientists can work with such little information and make it into something that can do so many different things and changes in the world.

  4. Was Busch receiving information from the future via time-travel telepathically and is that how he predicted the technological state of the future so accurately. DUN DUN DUN! I’m just wondering if having the technology to communicate telepathically would be beneficial. How our society communicates currently is already rapid, high speed, having a means to communicate telepathically is too much to think about. What types of thoughts would be transmitted, like how does one format and package a thought to send brain2brain.

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