Hi everyone! My name is Ashlee Lester. I am a third year doctoral student in Educational Psychology. My areas of interest include educational equity more broadly, and student engagement in afterschool activities more specifically. I began my research at the University of Virginia as an undergraduate and the interests have followed me to VCU as a doctoral student. As a Richmond native, I am particularly interested in the out-of-school activities and spaces that local students have opportunities to engage in. Given the complexity of relationships within out-of-school contexts, I think that SNA will be a useful skill to learn to further expand my research possibilities. In my time outside of school, I enjoy hiking, crossfit, eating Mexican food / burgers, and spending time with friends, family, and my new puppy! If given the opportunity to change one thing, I would ensure that all individuals have a group of people with whom they feel fully accepted and cared for. I think relationships are valuable beyond measure, especially in such an individualistic society!