My project is coming along, slowly but surely. I started working on my website on and have the layout already set up, I just have to plug in the writing. I have most of my sources together but I am still trying to finalize what exactly my inquiry projects question is. I think that I will be doing the question “have documentaries changed over time” and then use Blackfish as an example. Having all my sources and my questions answered will be the most helpful thing that can be done for me at this point. I also think meeting with Mr. Coat’s will help me to make sure I am doing what I need to do for the project. I’m excited and nervous for this focused inquiry project because I am nervous that I am not doing exactly what the project wants, so meeting with my professor the sooner the better will definitely help me so I can turn in my project early for feedback.

Webby Bliss

Back from my last webby post, I found a video that then goes against current trainers speaking out.

Looking at other webby things, I decided to google search “Blackfish” This image came up.

I think this is a very intense image because SeaWorld uses them in shows and you almost forget that they are wild animals that can be dangerous.

Lastly, I found a powerful website that shows the sadness of keeping these whales in these SeaWorld shows and such small tanks. This also impacts you emotionally, showing you where these orcas are, and when they are also in the wild.



Going back and trying to look for posts that I can link to my post is really hard because no one has seemed to complete this yet. I think the most appropriate “webbythings” for my inquiry project is the different videos talking about controversy and standings of trainers, directors, and people who watched the movie. I don’t like trying to find these videos because most of them are biased so it’s very hard to try and find the “truth” of this subject, if there even really is one.

Concept Experience: Amalgam

Blackfish, the documentary that talks about a killer whale called Tilikuim at SeaWorld who killed multiple trainers. There was a lot of emotional aspects in that documentary, mainly focusing on the cruelty of captive whales and then also the death of one specific trainer. This specific media shows that there is definitely controversy to the film and talks about how current trainers are stepping up and speaking their mind.

Disagreeing Bloggers

I found two bloggers who disagree about how people use internet as an information source. This blogger is looking into how Youtube has changed comedy acts. He provides that the internet is becoming some sort of medium for entertainment, mainly focusing on comedy on Youtube and live. However, this blogger is researching on a music stream, Spotify and how it’s holding money from different artist. She states that Spotify isn’t giving the artist’s the money they should be getting and they aren’t doing a good job at fighting piracy. This fights what the first blogger said because she doesn’t think that the internet is a good medium. She isn’t however stating that the internet is a bad “medium”.

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Reflection: You Make the Call!

Sadly, I can’t find any of my classmate’s You Make the Call blog posts to be able to link out to. I think that the internet has a lot to do with people’s everyday life. I think that after Blackfish came out, the media was down SeaWorld’s throat and videos started going viral because people were then emotionally involved in what they saw in that movie.


You Make The Call!

By looking through my different sources, I do think that documentaries have changed what they truly are over time. I think that some types of documentaries are trying to perused you to think that their side is right, or maybe not giving you all the information. In the example I am going to use in my project, the movie Blackfish is technically stated that it is a documentary. I looked up videos about Blackfish and SeaWorld, and other things have come due to this movie coming out. People are more aware of what SeaWorld is doing, but is everything in the movie Blackfish true? Is it mainly just trying to hit your emotions? We don’t really know and I don’t think we ever will.

Concept Experience: Sources

In one of my scholarly sources, its main focus is talking about how we know what the main definition of a documentary is, but if it has changed throughout the years.
Documentary: Consisting of official pieces of written, printed, or other matter
A movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report

Now, stating the definition, has the definition of a documentary changed throughout the years?
My next source speculates that some of the neglected documentary films that are discussed in their film contributed to the development of what has termed to be “new nationalism”
Both of these sources may not talk about or even agree on the same things, but they both talk about the importance of the statement of what a documentary is and how it affects those and then those people who take action from watching the documentary.

Concept Experience: FIP Geolocation

When making an argument research question, you are obviously going to have an opposing side. One topic that came up in one of my sources was the documentary Bowling for Columbine. It then talks about how these documentaries are arguments attempting to influence the way the viewer interprets reality, rather than attempting to document reality. Other documentaries came us as well such as The Blair Witch Project, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, and An Inconvenient Truth.

Looking on Wikipedia for the reaction of Bowling for Columbine there is obviously some bad and good reviews. This documentary was focusing and provoking the audience with anger and sorrow on both political sides. Some questioned what was it really coming to conclusion with and how it’s spinning the violence in America on shootings into some type of joke.

Nugget: Documentary

“For example, the film The Blair Witch Project
(Myrick and Sanchez 1999) was publicised by the producers using a website
containing what appears to be evidence to support their claim that the film was
made using‘real’ footage (Wikipedia 2013a). This forced the audience to ask
Eitzen’s question,‘Is it lying?’, despite the fact that it was a fully scripted and acted
fiction film.”( Smith, Rock, 2).


This source is a scholarly source written by Nathan Smith and Jenny Rock. “Documentary as a statement: defining old genre in a new age” is an article that focuses on what is the exact definition of a documentary, and the arguments that have come up throughout the years.

This passage I picked out connected with my other nugget because of the fact that it brings up another film and how it can be looked as a documentary, but there’s a lot of question to that. This connects to the movie Blackfish, and then the source I chose which is SeaWorld questioning all of their findings.

I think this will be a great argumentative source because of the fact that the next source I will use has to do with propaganda, and then fighting the difference between that and a documentary and how we make that clear in some movies that state that they are a documentary.

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Reflection of Investigators Assemble

Reflecting on the state of my project, I think I am on a good path right now. My only problem is that I only have four sources, when I need six. I also have yet to find the sources which define documentary and propaganda. Another problem with this post is that none of my peer’s have yet to post their Investigators Assemble so it’s hard to link out to them, and also I can’t seem to find Ryan’s section.