Licklider Nugget

In “Man-Computer Symbiosis” the main concept is relating to the connection between man and computer. At first I wasn’t sure what symbiosis meant, but Licklider went into detail explaining that it is when living together in intimae association, or even close union, of to dissimilar organisms. This whole article reminded me of the movie Her.

This movie is pretty much about how a man connects with a computer and falls “in love” with her. It connects with the article because it reminds me how Licklider wants to foster the development of man-computer symbiosis.


Reading through my classmates nuggets, I found a couple that connected with my thoughts. He talked about the program Siri, which is an example of how people have created technology to help us achieve things faster. Another classmate mentioned how computers have made us more productive which connects to my nuggets about how in the movie they were making the computer into a life companion. Lastly, one of my classmates talks about how humans as a whole work and then bring up the fact that no one really cares about the process of creating of a document on Microsoft word which connects to my nugget by showing that we really put all our faith in computers.

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  1. I thought you gave a really good example of Symbiosis with the movie example! I saw that movie a couple of months ago and it really opened my mind to the possiblities of AI technology. Although we do have voice recognition we are still working on something similar the movie. You could go deeper and ask why we want this kind of technology

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