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Back from my last webby post, I found a video that then goes against current trainers speaking out.


Looking at other webby things, I decided to google search “Blackfish” This image came up.

I think this is a very intense image because SeaWorld uses them in shows and you almost forget that they are wild animals that can be dangerous.

Lastly, I found a powerful website that shows the sadness of keeping these whales in these SeaWorld shows and such small tanks. This also impacts you emotionally, showing you where these orcas are, and when they are also in the wild.



Going back and trying to look for posts that I can link to my post is really hard because no one has seemed to complete this yet. I think the most appropriate “webbythings” for my inquiry project is the different videos talking about controversy and standings of trainers, directors, and people who watched the movie. I don’t like trying to find these videos because most of them are biased so it’s very hard to try and find the “truth” of this subject, if there even really is one.

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