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My interest is on justice, therefore my inquiry project will be related to it. There are different races in the world; many that work, learn, and friends with us. It is stated that everyone is created and treated equally within the justice system, but is it really true? Are people of different races really treated equally with the system? I thought it would be a great argumentative topic because there are many example cases and history about the inequality of different races.


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  1. “. It is stated that everyone is created and treated equally within the justice system, but is it really true?”
    Short answer: No
    There are so many resources on this topic, so you will get all the information you need.
    Though I think it would be good for you to narrow your topic down a bit? Like, I’m guessing your focus is “are different races treated the equally today”? And I’d assume your probably going to be focusing on the united states as well?
    Other than that, I think you’ll have more than enough information to be successful.

  2. I think that is a very controversial topic to chose. Race and equality is and probably will always be a topic of discussion. I think that you will have a lot of stuff to search on equality in the justice system. In history equality has not been the basis of fairness when race is involved. I think your project will have some great information. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Karen, as a fellow CJ major, the topic of justice is very interesting! Race inequality in the U.S. justice system is one of the problems that plagues our society, and finding solutions will prove advantageous for all. Because justice is about being fair, impartial and unbiased decisions in the justice system are what is needed to make this “injustice” right.

  4. I think that this could be a very interesting topic. There are many different cases that you could use for support. I think that it would also be easy to defend each side, because I think that this is something that is based on personality and a person’s upbringing. It is far from the truth that every judge is unfair. I know that when I did a paper on capital punishment last year, one of the cons of it was the unfairness due to race. You have a lot to work with here.

  5. The race issue is a huge elephant in the room. I am interested that you are looking into it. Are you going to look into the socio economics of incarceration too? I think it plays a huge roll.

  6. Your inquiry project topic is really interesting! I am really excited and looking forward to reading more on this issue. You are absolutely right; our justice system is so complex that sometimes we find that certain areas/issues are prejudiced in certain aspects.

  7. I love reading about this kind of stuff, and there is a lot you could talk about within this topic. Justice really is an important topic and major ethical issue today. There is a lot you could argue on both sides that would be good for your paper. I can’t wait to read more about it in your paper!

  8. You are right, you will find a lot of cases that may show inequality in their rulings. But overall, I feel you topic is very interesting and I am looking forwarding to reading your finish product.

    My subject is also based on the justice system. For my topic, I am investigating the balance of national security and civil privacy.

  9. I think your topic is a great idea, but I would advise kind of narrowing in on a sub-topic within justice. This probably going to require a lot of research so I would definitely suggest choosing a sub-topic. I am really looking forward to the information your topic will bring up, it will be interesting to see how you engage in the digital world with the Justice topic.

  10. Very interesting topic, you can do a lot with it. Some really insightfully research can come from this, to better our justice system and understand it more too. This is a good start, but I encourage you to start thinking right away about a way to tie this nicely to new media topics/issues. And start to try to word you questions in a How or Why format, because those questions are best suited for this type of research for this course.

  11. Hi Karen,
    You’ve received some excellent feedback from your colleagues, both within and from outside our section.

    I tend to agree with the comments about narrowing your topic a bit. I would highly recommend reading with Jessica Gordon wrote to her section about picking a topic.

    I don’t agree that you *necessarily* need to frame your inquiry project as a question, but that’s probably a good idea for you. However, the question of “Are people of different races really treated equally within the criminal justice system?” leads to a yes/no answer. That’s not a good research question. Think about questions such as:

    Why are incarceration rates disproportionately high for African-American men?
    What do racial disparities in incarceration rates say about our nation’s values?
    How might we achieve a more racially just criminal justice system?

    What do you think of those questions?

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