CL/DM Nugget #4

The recognition of that arbitrariness, and reconsideration among broader and more general alternatives, awaits us. All the previous units and mechanisms of learning, scholarship, arts, transaction and confirmation, and even self-reminder, were based in various ways upon physical objects—the properties of paper, carbon paper, files, books and bookshelves. To read from paper you must move the physical object in front of you. Its contents cannot be made to slide, fold, shrink, become transparent, or get larger.

But all this is now changing, and suddenly. The computer display screen does all these things if desired, to the same markings we have previously handled on paper. The computer display screen is going to become universal very fast; this is guaranteed by the suddenly rising cost of paper. And we will use them for everything. This already happens wherever there are responding computer screen systems. (I have a friend with two CRTs on his desk; one for the normal flow of work, and one to handle interruptions and side excursions.) A lot of forests will be saved.

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The computer display screen saves a lot of forests, and benefits the environment by leaving a safer habitat for animals. Saving trees will help make the world a better, greener place.  Having the computer screen as a universal utility has many pros. Of course using the display screen is much greener and saves a lot of paper. It is also an easy access to get to.

Using the display screen allows access to many different things especially in school. Many schools now using the computers for taking tests and researching information for projects and assignments. This generation has all types of electronics and as the year goes on, the devices become more convenient. We are now able to use electronics to do what we want as a substitute for paper and news articles. The world is now revolving around these electronics for an easier lifestyle.

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  1. I completely agree that computer display screens save a lot of forests. Due to the advancements in technology, nowadays, exams, homework assignments, and almost any work or school related task is through the computer. Personally, I feel that I am a better learner while having a hard paper copy in front of me; so adjusting to many things as well as this course has been bit of a challenge. It is very true that the world is now revolving around new technology for an easier lifestyle, for example, there is a vcu blackboard app where you can see all your grades for each class rather than going into the classroom and scheduling an appointment with your teacher to give you feedback on your assignments. It amazes me everyday to see how far technology has come within the past decade itself!

  2. Karen, your nugget post is one that I can relate to! At my current job, I also use two computer screens and yes, it saves lots of trees. However, I don’t think that the primary purpose of me having two screens is to save trees; it is so I can be more productive. With that said, though, computer screens are definitely more prevalent in today’s society, and they can be found almost anywhere. From actual computer monitors, to smart phones, computer screens will continue to prove their usefulness for years to come.

  3. I totally agree with you. Advancements in electronics have taken us so far. We get things done faster and more efficient, and we even save the animals by not using paper! There is so much more that we can do because of all the cool technologies we have today. It was weird for me when some of the things I used to do by paper were transformed into something you had to do electronically. I didn’t really like using all the electronic devices at first because I was so use to using paper, but when I got the hang of it, I realized the less paper used, the better!

  4. It has gotten to the point where computers are used in every aspect of life. At stores now, the cashiers check you out on iphones, we take notes in class of computers, and we are even taking a class completely from a computer. Technology is being incorporated in every aspect to make us faster, more efficient, society.

  5. I love ebooks. I remember having to carry my textbooks and I absolutely refuse to do that again if I can avoid it. Its also better for ones back and posture because one does not put that kind of pressure on the spine.

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