Concept Experience Re-visit

Zotero, a computer-based tool was exposed to us this week. My classmates and I are starting or soon-to-be starting our inquiry projects. With the aid of Zotero, we are able to research on our topic more efficiently. Zotero allows its users to manage their research information easier because it is in one individual section. I think this will be a great tool to use for this research project.

Last week’s concept experience, I was given the task to write a metaphor about “digesting” other people’s works. I think with this tool, finding information and typing up assignments will be easier and more efficient because it is organized into lists on Zotero.

Lickler, Engelbart, and Nelson believed that computers are supposed to be the aid for humans with their “heavy-duty,” to fasten the process and not to completely do the work for humans like Zotero does. I believe they will probably like the new computer-based tool because in their articles they stated about how technologies will continue to advance. With the human mind, they know that there will be people coming up with new ideas to advance the current technologies.

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