Updated Inquiry Proposal

My initial inquiry research proposal was on the topic of race inequality in justice. I had learned and reviewed many cases in the past that was about race inequality. I have thought of my proposal topic as “Why is there race inequality under justice, when justice is supposed to mean rightfulness or lawfulness?” and “What is the effect of race inequality in justice placed upon the victims?”


I had read on the US Department of Justice webpage about equality. In their blog, it stated how everyone is equal under the law and shall have equal access to careers and education.  There are many blogs that explains about equality of the people, it may be very broad but it is very easy to understand.



Racial equality matters to the public health because it brings an impact to every individual. Race still matters to this day because it occurs in our daily life. In this article it states and explains how race still matters and how the public health brings an impact to race equality.


There were many cases that involves racial inequality, and one of the cases that I’ve looked into is Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger in 2003. In this case it shows what happened that caused the open and the final sentencing.

affirmation action


The Britannica Online Encyclopedia has many articles listed that involves human race inequality. The articles gave me more information about how the human race was in the past and why had caused the inequality. It describes in details what has been done to different human races.

britannicaI’ve looked up on the internet for anything that is about human race inequality. An article that I found was about this comedian, Bill Cosby making racist remarks toward African Americans. Even though he is a comedian and African American himself, but I don’t believe it is any laughing matter when creating racist remarks about human races.


I had not decided the platform or design for the inquiry project at this moment, but I know that I’ll be using a lot of past cases that been brought to court involving race inequality.



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