Concept Experience #5 Part 1

When I first opened the page, I see this picture…began and the logo…
nautilus-logo-printI like the logo of this documentation, it is not too simple but not complex. At first I was wondering what does the picture have anything to do with this piece of work, I still wonder after I finished reading the piece. Each section has an image at the end, which I assume “closes” the point and allows the reader to be ready to transit to another factual point. Also at the start of each section the first letter of the first word is enlarged, I felt with a few styling with the fonts and images makes the document not as boring to read. The references at the end of the documentation shows evidence of the factual statements and if readers wants to learn more. In most articles or documents that I’ve read for this class there is several advertisements throughout the piece, but this has nothing but the document. The document allows the readers to easily read and understand the contents.


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