‘If the World Began Again, Would Life as We Know It Exist?’

  1. What is the thesis or main claim that the author is making?
    -The main claim that I think the author is making is if there was an opportunity given to began the world again, nothing would of changed. –
  2. Does the author make sub-claims? If so, which ones?
    -The author makes sub-claims throughout the documentation. Some examples that the author mentioned about was the evolution of salamander’s tongue and evolution of a type of bacteria called Escherichia coli. –
  3. What kind of evidences does the author use? (scholarly? peer-reviewed? secondary?)
    -The kind of evidence that author use is scholarly. –
  4. Is the evidence credible? Why or why not?
    -The evidence is credible because he mentioned everything of the scholars he used such as name and occupation. The background of each of the scholars allow credibility. Datas were collected throughout the years and not just a single day or two of collection.-
  5. What kinds of rhetorical strategies does the author use?
    -The author uses mainly factual statements in this documentation.  –
  6. Does the author make a logical argument? If so, why?
    -I don’t believe the author made a logical argument in this piece. He stated plenty of factual statements which made this piece logical, but not an argument.-
  7. Did you find any logical fallacies?
    -I have not found any logical fallacies because the author uses mainly facts from scholars instead of any opinions.-
  8. Overall, did you find the argument persuasive? Why or why not?
    -I did not find this piece persuasive at all to be honest. As I stated in my previous answers, the author uses mainly factual statements. I just felt as if I’m in high school still reading the textbook.-


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