‘As We May Think’ Nugget

To make the record, we now push a pencil or tap a typewriter. Then comes the process of digestion and correction, followed by an intricate process of typesetting, printing, and distribution. To consider the first stage of the procedure, will the author of the future cease writing by hand or typewriter and talk directly to the record? He does so indirectly, by talking to a stenographer or a wax cylinder; but the elements are all present if he wishes to have his talk directly produce a typed record. All he needs to do is to take advantage of existing mechanisms and to alter his language.

At a recent World Fair a machine called a Voder was shown. A girl stroked its keys and it emitted recognizable speech. No human vocal chords entered into the procedure at any point; the keys simply combined some electrically produced vibrations and passed these on to a loud-speaker. In the Bell Laboratories there is the converse of this machine, called a Vocoder. The loudspeaker is replaced by a microphone, which picks up sound. Speak to it, and the corresponding keys move. This may be one element of the postulated system.

Everyone loves to keep updated about technologies and the news. Newer and more advanced technologies provides a better and faster use than the previous ones. People become curious and interested in the newer technologies as they are exposed to it.  More and more technologies are created and advanced every year to allow a faster and efficient use for the users.

advanced techAn example of advanced technology are smartphones. Smartphones are mobile compared the past telephones that is connected by wires. It can act as a phone, computer to surf the internet or send/receive emails, games, calculator, listening to music, and many other uses that may be introduced in the future.