Reflective Writing for Concept Experience #5

Part 1: When I first read the assignment, I was a little confused, but then I realized that you were asking us to apply what we usually do to our nuggets (make them interesting and robust) and use it on this article. I thought it was a fun assignment and I liked the article that was chosen because I had heard about what had happened with Facebook’s experiment, but I hadn’t read into it. The first thing I linked was in the first sentence of the article. I thought it would be good to connect to another article that described what was going on and I linked to a very recent article that would describe the experiment as well as the current repercussions. The second thing i linked to was in the section about Facebook’s data policy. I used a Times article about other instances where Facebook has come under fire for questionable uses of user data. I thought it would be a good idea to further the idea of Facebook’s controversial policies and decisions. The third item I linked was at the very end of the second paragraph. I felt it didn’t really fit in the actual paragraph, but it felt like it went well at the end because it was an article about how the journal that published the study was concerned about the ethics of the experiment. Apparently, it’s also very rare for a journal to do such a thing.  Another article I linked to was in the section where Adam Kramer described Facebook as “largest field study”. I linked to a Forbes article about many other studies that have been done involving Facebook. Though, I’m assuming, with everyone’s knowledge and consent. I also used an image at the end that was a close-up of an eye with Facebook’s logo in its reflection. I thought it looked cool and it sort of made me think of the fact that Facebook is everywhere. We’re not even looking at the computer screen this person is looking at, yet we still see the logo. I’m not sure I did anything particularly out of the box, but I did use a gif of Ron Burgendy in his “glass case of emotion”. I think I was trying to liven up the article and add some humor. I think the manipulation Facebook used was unethical and kind of creepy, but as someone who is slowly fading out of the Facebook trend, I can’t take anything related to it too seriously, mainly because I just don’t use it extensively.
Part II: When I was figuring out my new topic, it sort of came to mind “Wait,  it’s completely possible that I could find and use a 3D printer.” And then I remembered how we’re supposed to make this more than a piece of writing. So, I’m planning on going out and seeing the 3D printing process myself. I’ll take pictures and videos and I would also love to interview instructors and professors that use 3D printing or could use 3D printing and see how they feel about using it in college courses.  I assuming it will mainly reside on my blog and YouTube. I’m imagining it will have a lot of video, gifs( hopefully), interview text and images except many of them will be my own.

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