Analyzing the Obvious

I started my research by going to the Complex (magazine) website,, and clicking on random links to see and read on how the editors of complex (magazine) depict the hip hop culture. I started clicking on random blogs that they had posted on their homepage, such as, ’20 sneakers you need in your summer rotation’ and ‘when rappers need a paycheck’. When I started to read on these different rappers and what they are doing in order to earn extra cash, it seemed like the editors of complex magazine were trying to bash and hate on what they are doing in the hip-hop industry. That steered me to think, if they were bashing the most influention rappers of all time in the hip-hop industry, such as Nas, DMX, Juelz Santana, Beanie Sigel, just to name a few, then who are they praising? I really thought about if these editors were to sit down and discuss about who the Top 5 most influential artists in the Hip- Hop industry were, who would they name? The first name that popped up in my head was Afrika Bambaataa! At that moment I thought about how Afrika Bambaataa was the face of Hip-Hop and the things he did to evolve the hip-hop world. I searched ‘Afrika Bambaataa’ in the search engine on the Complex (magazine) site and got numerous results that were affiliated with the Hip-Hop industry.  One of the results were ‘Afrika Bambaataa proposes National Hip-Hop Museum’ and another was ‘Afrika Bambaataa Appointed Visiting Scholar At Cornell University’. This caused me to generate the question (one that I might use for research!), In what ways has Afrika Bambaataa influenced and changed the hip-hip culture? That is when I went on Google and started to research the history of Afrika Bambaataa, which lead me to the start of ‘The Zulu Nation’ (not the original Zulu’s), and the history of Hip-Hop in Bronx and Brooklyn. The process of choosing a generalized research question led to many search engines and stimulated many questions that I can possibly research in depth for my inquiry. I am so excited, I can not wait!

4 thoughts on “Analyzing the Obvious”

  1. I wish I chose a topic as interesting as yours! It’s very cool to see someone doing something completely out of the ordinary for this type of class. Maybe you could channel your research into a question of how influential hip hop artists have changed the world. I think it would be very interesting to see where the music industry would be without the progression of hip hop.

  2. You might think I’m crazy, but I’ve never heard of any of the hip-hop artists you just named. I thought it was neat how you started your search on the Complex website and then continued your research on Google. Hopefully those new questions will really get your inquiry project going!

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