Computer Lib/ Dream Machines Nugget

“Media have evolved from simpler forms, and convey the
background ideas of our time, as well as the fads. Media
today focus the impressions and ideas that in previous eras
were conveyed by rituals, public gatherings, decrees, parades,
behavior in public, mummer’ troupes . . . but actually every
culture is a world of images.” – Ted Nelson

The way I interpreted this nugget made it connect to the text that I have selected. This nugget discusses how media has evolved and how it has helped the spread of information and ideas. This is the same concept I am discussing in my inquiry project, I’m discussing how social media such as Complex (magazine) help Artist spread their creations and also inform people about what is going on in the Hip-Hop culture on a daily basis. Complex (magazine) is today’s form of FOX/CNN in the Hip-Hop culture, constant updates on the new fades and information.  In comparison to Africa Bambaataa  and how he used the social media of his time (“public gatherings, decrees, and parades”) to bring together the community to spread his ideas and view of the Hip-Hop culture.  It is evident that social media is vital and most efficient in spreading information and getting ideas exhibited to the general public.


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