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I am very familiar with the Hip-Hop culture so I did not observe many things that were new to my knowledge. But I did view my topic in a different light. I started to view things through the UNIV perspective. My inquiry project is about how Afrika Bambaataa used social media to influence the Hip-Hop culture. I am also looking at how Complex (magazine) influences the thoughts that their audience have on Hip-Hop.  While researching this topic I found it interesting how the choice of words can influence how information can be reciprocated. Afrika Bambaataa used language to grab the attention of his audience and bring them together. Once he brought them together, he spread his dream and influenced his audience to join the Hip-Hop culture. Same with Complex (magazine), they use language to real the audience in and sell them a story about what is going on in the Hip-Hop world. I think that the use of language is very interesting because you can influence the way someone feels with the right choice of words.

So far while researching I found out the things he has done in order to spread his word about Hip-Hop before it evolved, what influenced Bam to start the evolution of Hip-Hop  and the things he did and still does today to keep the Hip-Hop culture alive. It is important to know that Hip-Hop did not always exist and that it is a mix and different genres. At the time when Afrika Bambaataa first started the revolution, he was making funk music and co-created “Hip-Hop” with the mix of different musical textures. It was also around the late seventies early eighties so that is something to keep in mind. These things will make it easier to understand the importance of my digital text, Complex (magazine), and why it is so influential and important in today’s Hip-Hop culture.

Another thing that you should know is that, Afrika Bambaataa started off by spreading the word of his music concerts/parties and the Zulu Nation through out his community with the help of his friends. Once he started getting the attention of his followers he made flyers that were posted in different communities. In New York, people could not just go to other blocks and hang out there, if you weren’t from that block then you weren’t welcome. But Bam used his patience, wisdom, and kind heart to get the attention of the people in other communities and spread the word of his dream. Thus influencing the people from New York City to unite as well as pave the way to the start of Hip-Hop. This leads me to show how he influenced the Hip-Hop culture and why his contributions were so significant and important.

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