Future Thoughts

In ten years I believe Complex magazine would be bigger than what it is now. It would expand so largely that they would have to cover all the topics on their website religiously. They would create and build a head quarters so that they would have a place where they can hold interviews, showcase the latest fashion and art, as well as have a news channel/session for it’s viewers. The head quarters would be a place where all their avid viewers and audience members can go to retrieve all the information needed about the Hip-Hop industry. There would still be some limitations to how many artist they can book,  how well they can spread their information in person, and how well they can influence their audience verses not having to do any of that on the online website. Because the spread of information is going to be in person and more hands on, they would be limited to how many people they can affect  in person due to showing face and expression  verses online interaction. I still believe due to these limitation Complex magazine could grow into something bigger and better.

———————————— EDIT. ———————————-

For my inquiry project, I want to argue how the use of language in the Complex magazine blog post can affect the emotions and thoughts of its viewers. I’m trying to show that sometimes things are depicted differently than what they truly are, just by the use of a couple of words. I am trying to shed light on how influential social media can be and how easy it is to believe anything that is written or told without having prior knowledge about the information.  I am trying to advocate viewers to pay more attention and research information about a certain topic instead of believing everything that is told or what is in front of their eyes.  To show this, I wanted to make a collage of comments written on their blog post through their website, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., that shows the audience emotions towards that topic. That way I could have a visual to how influential words can be towards emotion and feeling.  It is important to know the history behind things so that you are not easily fooled or influenced.


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