Future Connections

The nugget and my concept experience connect because they both relate to technology advancing as population and visions grow. When more ideas are expressed the more advanced technology gets. The dynabook was a device that was visioned to do many things that a computer could do but more and be easily accessible. Now in today’s society we have many versions of the “Dynabook”. We have Laptops, Smart TV’s, iPhone’s, Samsungs, etc., that are easily accessible and do all the things that a computer can do plus more! Complex magazine and social media, is a product from the evolution of technology.¬†¬†Complex magazine can inform the the pubic of everything that is going on in the Hip-Hop culture in just arms reach of a computer. It is easily accessible and it gives the audience all the information and news that they need. Complex magazine will only advance in and become bigger and better and soon become everything that I envision in my Future Thoughts post.

I love everything that Jamie mentioned in her Future Thoughts approach, she talked about the future from a completely different point of view. I love the triangle diagram she put up and how “WIFI” was written as the base and in red. I think that is so true. The world is truly going to be completely dependent on technology at the rate that it is going at now. Sooner or later we won’t be able to live without technology and everything we do will be dependent on it. Imagine being controlled by technology, and not by a government!!! Scary.

I love the idea that Morganne proposed about radio technology and its advancements. I also believe that ten years from now we will be able to see holographic images of artist performing, coming from our devices. The radio will become more than just a “talk show” and Pandora will evolve into something huge! Just like Morganne¬†suggested it may branch out to audio books, movies, concerts, etc. Even though it won’t evolve drastically, it will still change end evolve for the better.

I agree with TheKhanQuest in that Wikipedia will still be the same in the sense that it’ll be free, but I do think that it’ll develop and have better images and holographic images to better represent what each Wikipedia post is discussing. It is true that Wikipedia serves as a universal purpose meaning that it will still remain easily accessible for all causing it not to change drastically but still enough to be more beneficial!

All of these thesis are similar to mine because we all discussed how technology is going to advance through imagery and accessibility. Even though ten years is not that long to change drastically, its enough time to still advance positively.

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