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Typically, it is understood the Hip-Hop is a subculture that involves, music. art, fashion, design, and dance. It’s targeted towards teens and young adults. It focuses on the newest fades and most recent and innovative ideas. Its a subculture that’s constantly changing due to new interests and different audience. I find that the majority of -people who aren’t fans of Hip-Hop associate it with drugs, sexuality, and gangs relations. Hip-Hop is not associated with those things but maybe some of the artist that are involved in the Hip-Hop culture grew up with those things in their neighborhood by default, so unwillingly it has become apart of their lives. So when expressing their life story through music, fashion, dance, etc., those topics are brought up because it is basically all they know. This issue is significant to understand because I don’t want people to think that drugs, sexuality, and gang relations is all that Hip-Hop is about. Hip-Hop is a gateway for these artist to express themselves and paint their life stories. When researching this topic and issue I read a lot about the biography of these artist to better understand where they are coming from because it helps me understand why they express themselves the way they do and their purpose. I think people should embrace the positive aspects Hip-Hop has brought to the trouble kids in trouble neighbors and how Hip-Hop was a gateway to freedom for these people from these troubled cities. Hip-Hop brought unity and peace to many cities when the only thing these cities were involved in was gang related violence and drugs.  I wish to show this through the life of Afrika Bambataa and how he helped create the Hip-Hop culture to unite the troubled cities for positive reasons.



-A music video about a Hip-Hop artist named Mase from Harlem, NYC, NY., finally returning to the rap game. The music video takes place in his neighborhood in Harlem. Pay attention to the lyrics he talks about a lot!

– This song create by Nas and how he used rap as an escape the negative environment he grew up in. He also expresses the negative things going on in society to bring it to the attention of his listeners.


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