LOTF: The Fellowship of the Sources

I had prior knowledge of my topic because I am a Hip-Hop fan but these sources have taught me the details I needed to know about my topic. It has taught me how the Zulu Nation came about, how Afrika Bambataa started his mission of spreading the Hip-Hop culture, and how he used social media to help influence the Hip-Hop culture. I learned that Hip-Hop is more than just music, its about expression and lifestyle.

For my first topic introducing Afrika Bambataa and the Zulu Nation, I will include the article from Forbes and Ithica Times to describe to the readers who Afrika Bambataa is and what his vision was about. My second topic will be about how Afrika Bambataa influenced the Hip-Hop culture.  I will use the articles from Yale and Dan Zarella to help describe and show the things he has done in order to spread the Hip-Hop culture. The last topic I will discuss will be how Bam used social media to influence the Hip Hop culture. I will use the articles from the Journal of Pop Culture, Ted Nelson, Douglas Engelbart, and J.C.R. Licklider, to help describe social media and how he beneficially used it to help influence the culture.


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