Inquiry Project Beta

Inquiry Project: Afrika Bambaataa And His Influence on the Hip-Hop Culture.

It was difficult to understand where I should begin and where I wanted the project to look like when I finalized it, but I had a vision and I made it come to life. This included the layout, the pictures, as well as the story-line. ¬†Obviously, my final Inquiry Project needs some tweaking in the conclusion section. I need to make sure that everything flows well so that the audience can thoroughly understand my project and the influence of Africa Bambaataa. Before the Inquiry Project goes live I need to add more details in each of the subtopics and more visuals in terms of videos, music and art, to make it more aesthetically pleasing. So far, I am satisfied with my work and I can’t wait until my Inquiry Project goes live!

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2 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Beta”

  1. Hey! Cool project, I wasn’t aware of Afrika Bambaataa despite being a little of a hip-hop fan. The first thing that stood out to me was the format, which was nice and clean, however the bubbles are in backwards order on the main page, which is confusing.

    I think that you should add more images and hyperlinks to break up the text, as it gets a little slow at times. Hyperlinks would also help explain parts outside of the source body of text.

    I think the New Media section needs work, the cited paragraphs were long and cumbersome, try and truncate them as much as possible while preserving your intent.

    One thing that I thought was missing was information about hip-hop after Bambaataa. Rap is as much a dialogue of ideas and themes as any other art, and I’d like to see more about the conversation between the two periods of rap.

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