Lock & Key 5

Lock:   In a world where money circulates the world as the common language amongst people, are we as people able to risk our our lives for fame, glory and ,money? Even in this case does the photographer do go out of way for pleasure or for praise?
Key: We as Americans are the leaders of advertising all things grotesque, gruesome, and disgusting but as soon as the outcome does not benefit us we are quick to disregard it. This picture was not shown to us because the Government is scared of the aftermath that would encounter if people are shown the truths of life.  

Modal Adventure

Throughout the modal adventure, It basically helped confirm my idea of my three modes of comm with more elaborate definitions and eye-opening thoughts. Ive considered my modes to be Linguistic, Aural, and Visual. With these three combined ideas I have initial plans to make some kind of movie.

Lock&Key 3

Lock: As time has progressed through the ages and stated by William Cronon the lines of nature and mythical expectation have become somewhat blurred into one another. Are we as individuals purposefully blurring these lines in retaliation of our guilt for disrupting the purines of what was already placed on this earth. Also as humans do we give higher praise to certain aspects of life to feel our selfish greeds of recovering our wrongs?


Key: As Cronon talks about in his article the exaggerations of humans on the naturalistic world, it baffles me to realize that we as humans stretch the truth for something so simple, especially when it is something that another can experience for themselves. We express our thoughts into things bigger than they are to evolve are already seemliness lives.

Lock&Key 2

Lock: The title of chapters 7 and 8 are named “Isolation” and “Exposure”. With this book having so much do with her work experience and love it is hard to detail which of the two topics is being discussed with the these titles. What draws these titles to be connected to her life?

Key: Marie’s love life is starting to vanish after Pierre’s death, and after a while of full investment into her work life its nice to see that after time she falls in love once again with another work collegue with the same traits as she found in Pierre with common interest in science and radiation.

Lock&Key 1

Lock: Being that Radioactive is based on the story of two Scientists and their scientific discoveries and love for one another, I question what is so significant about the artistic asthestics these book attempts to convey. Especially because when one thinks of STEM related careers they usually do not have strong connections to the arts.

Key: The beginning of the book being written and illustrated in black and white showing they blandness of their life without love is quite powerful  because it is not until they meet each other where the pages come alive with colors. This appearance of vivid colors not only expresses their love but as well as their connection to one that is most like them

What I have Learned From Univ. 111

Throughout my time in my first semester of Focused inquiry I have learned and improved many skills not only just in my writing, but as well as my communication and ability to work with others. I came into Focused Inquiry with the mindset that my writing was above average based off of my previous experiences, and with the help of Professor Cha and the TA’s I believe that my writing skills have expanded and slowly shown small changes in my writing style simply by knowing proper inclusion of MLA format and as well as looking more in depth into the small things in life. The one thing that I feel I have improved on the most is my knowledge on interpreting sources more proficiently and analyzing situations. This skill I have expanded upon can be taking in the real world and specially my major of Public Relations where it is quite necessary to examine the details in life that are usually forgone by others.

Another thing that I have benefitted from this class that may not be blatantly taught was learned during our bi-weekly fishbowls. I liked the idea of just expressing our thoughts about the class and worldly topics. It allowed it me to freely without judgement express my viewpoints on life and as well as listen to those viewpoints that differed from mine that helped me understand others thoughts on life. These conversations assisted with the idea of public speaking for me and that I should not be afraid to express my ideas on life. They also helped me with my papers when I got stuck without words, I would take what we talked about in these discussions because they helped me see things that I may have overlooked in my own research and or prior knowledge. I am fully prepared for Univ. 112 to learn more and further my knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Considering The Small Things in Life

In David Foster Wallace’s  “Consider the Lobsters”, Wallace examines the popularity of the Maine Lobster Festival and the craze for eating lobsters. Wallace includes information that not only depicts the process of obtaining and feasting on the delicacy of lobster and its history, but as well as analyzing the body of the lobster and its nerve receptors to determine the amount of pain that is received from the lobster when being boiled alive. Wallace’s goal in his article in my opinion is to allow the reader to see more about the lobster than what common knowledge expresses. He gives insightful feedback on how such a passable object or food has a deeper meaning and shows a lot about a person who is indulging in it. For example the lobster in early times was seen as more commoner food, but as times have progressed lobster has elevated its status and is mainly eating by those of higher class or those with easy access to them such as the people of Maine.

Reading this article while we are in the process of writing our Unit 3 paper gives us as writers just another example of taking a simple object or idea that we see as everyday people and find the deeper meaning and what it says about society as a whole. This article by David Foster Wallace can be used as another substantial source for our paper which can benefit us by showing us a proficient way of writing with such a unique topic. Personally an essay topic of this caliber somewhat frightens me because I am concerned that when expressing the importance of my packaged product I will not have enough information to branch off into bigger ideas such as overall societal views and finding a deeper personal attraction beyond me just buying a product out of habit or routine.

Unit 2 Paper Process Memo

This paper honestly was a blast to write! I think initially getting to choose the topic we wanted to research and write a story about increased my interests in this paper. At first it was hard to single out a topic that I enjoyed enough to write about, but once that was done thats when I began to encounter some difficulties. Once my topic was chosen I had to word it in my source search in a way that would supply beneficial sources with enough information and opinions that I could truly rely on for my sole source. This process ultimately led to me to change topic two or three times because I was not getting the results from my sources that was pleasing to me. Even after our first source analysis and drafts the substance of my source still bothered me because this was the first time I was solely required to only use one source and this led to me be extremely picky when deciphering my information I was pulling out. Once thats section was complete I felt confident with my fiction writing skills that it just simply started to flow. I began having more problems arise when the inclusion of my source came into play, because I agreed with my source and I did not want my story to just be a conversation with simple dialogue of my characters just agreeing with each other over and over. It also slightly tripped me up at times with the separation of dialogue of the characters and outside observations and thoughts. With this paper I quickly learned and practiced my technique of analyzing useful and reputable sources to my advantage and getting the most out of them. I believe this has bettered me as a writer with skills that can help further my education and analysis of the world.