True to You (Digital Identity)

After the discussions in class, I’ve realized how powerful technology really is. As much as I want to disagree, the disheartening truth of it is that the way one uses technology can either dramatically aid him/her in their endeavors or completely wipe out all of their opportunities for success in both personal and career relations. I have been in denial about this since I was 15 years old, but the time has come to accept that this is my generations reality.

As I scroll through my Facebook, I wonder… What good does this even do for me? I scroll past hundreds of names unknown that I’ve gathered along with years of trying to fit in and have as many friends as I could. I sit in the library of my college and realize these “friends” mean nothing. They do nothing for me; their posts complaining or bragging about their lives are only distractions  to me, taking me away from my goals and sucking away my passion for success and setting my expectations for happiness up to disappoint me.

Things like Facebook can be used for many things.. but no one person trying to be seen as a responsible, professional and genuine person can deny that there are some ways to use Facebook that are more beneficial than others. For this reason, I completely deleted my Facebook. I have started a new profile. This time around, it will be an accurate and presentable version of who I am. No longer am I the girl who lacked digression. Today I am a person with purpose and now my online profile will reiterate that.

Just like you, there is not one other person in the whole entire universe (to our knowledge…) that is just like you. While that is an empowering feeling, it is also an overwhelming one. How do we create a digital identity that stands true to who we really are- encompassing our talents, achievements whilst oozing with genuine personality?  Here I am, trying to figure that out. The content of your digital identity is important.  After all, in a lot of ways, it defines you.

To create an accurate digital identity, I will keep my profile updated and accurate. To make sure the things that come up on my page are appropriate, I plan to keep my contacts trustworthy and relevant to who I am and what I stand for today. My goal is to keep the content of my online identity growing in depth and richness as years pass by continuing to do the things that matter to me, on both a small and large scale. My passion is what will tie together all things relevant to my digital identity, like water soaking into a sponge, it will seep through everything I do.


3 thoughts on “True to You (Digital Identity)

  • September 24, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    I have often thought about what good Facebook does for us besides take away from time we could use to reach our goals. Because a lot of the time, it really is just a waste of time. But recently, now that I’m away from all the friends and family I know, I think it is kind of nice to have a way to see what their doing just by looking at my phone or computer. Knowing what others are doing urges me to go out and do exciting things too and helps to push me towards my goals. Of course not all of my Facebook friends help me like I just said, but there are some that I could not live without. Maybe keeping the number of friends to a more selective level would benefit the majority of people. I think its really awesome that you’ve started clean with an open mind to make your Facebook professional. Best of luck in the social shark tank.

  • September 24, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    I think it’s great that you restarted your account. In class when we reached the haunting realization that Facebook and other forms of social media are consuming the lives of our generation it’s almost enough to want to clock out of social media entirely. What’s important to remember though, is that despite how unfortunate the reality is, we do NEED to be involved somewhat, it’s the way society is turning. Starting over fresh is a great option because you’re still involved but with a clear head this time. Good luck!

  • October 21, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    How funny that you wrote this after we talked about it in class… I did the same exact thing. Popularity used to be solely defined on how many friends you had online, how many people liked your status, how many likes you had on your pictures… it’s all so superficial. When you think about it, no one needs to be knowing what you’re doing unless they know you. These empty profiles of people you barely know don’t benefit you at all.. there is no point in having them. I did the same thing as you. I recreated my profile and added only people I knew personally. I put all of my correct and professional information because this is who I am, not who I’m trying to be. You get it. All that extra stuff is just being outgrown and seen as completely unnecessary.


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