Where Is The Money At?

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Could it be possible that health isn’t the ultimate goal of the pharmaceutical industry or the insurance companies? It seems that the United States is growing sicker and sicker. Every day I walk around around amongst other people, I am constantly hearing complaints of fatigue, stress and lack of general well-being. I have been in their shoes and know how frustrating it is to continuously feel sick. Something isn’t right and that’s more than obvious to anyone who is paying attention. We all know how easy it is to overlook and not inquire about things when we aren’t feeling mentally or physically healthy. It is scary and sad that most of our country not questioning the important thing- Why? Why is it that as a nation we are growing more sick and less educated as time passes? It is our job to take control of our health and to stay educated on who has power over the things that we need to sustain positive, healthy lives.

Rising doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies all get paid when their services are used. In order to stay in business, they need people to need them. Without people looking to heal themselves with drugs, the pharmaceutical industries have no way to make a profit. Without people needing help pay for these services, the insurance companies have no purpose. Doctors merely point people in the direction of the pharmaceuticals and then naturally towards reliance on these medications.  These industries have put a huge emphasis on treating illness with pills and not giving people the information necessary to make their own choices in how they want to address their physical/ mental problems- between Western medicine or holistic/ CAM medicine. This keeps people uneducated to greater opportunities and allows the pharmaceutical and insurance industries in business where they are now thriving more than ever.

While the use of CAM has gone up in the past decade, there is still a very large portion of our country that has never heard of these alternatives and if they have heard about them, cannot afford them due to the services not being covered by insurance and therefore needing to be paid out of pocket.  According to NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), the use of complementary medicine is higher in adults (women specifically) and also those with higher levels of education and income.

It seems to me that these coincidences are more than just ironic. There is a method to why our health care industry is the way it is today. We have grown into a medicated country. The power struggle between the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and the people of our country is only making us weaker. Who is going to win, anyways? No one. Without a strong, intelligent body of citizens, our country is weak and vulnerable to most everything- from illness to attack. Though in today’s society we are lacking general knowledge on health and wellness, together we can combine knowledge and passion to raise awareness within our country.

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  • October 19, 2014 at 3:05 am

    Citations need work. Also, is this really true: “as a nation we are growing more sick and less educated as time passes”? What’s your factual basis for this statement? Statistics? Research? It’s essential to be fact-based in this class, in college, and in life. Take a step back and think about a lot of the statements above, and whether you really have a basis for them.


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